PROJECT STATUS at 20th March 2007

By the end of December 2006, BTRTDH Trust had more or less completed its voluntary task of
rehabilitating and equipping Tangalle Hospital. All 'Objects' contained in the 'DEED OF TRUST'
have been achieved and in most cases exceeded beyond imagination. Apart from some loose
ends the job is done...

Simply through; diligence, hard work, and commitment of donors, volunteers and workers, this
project has been
"one of the most successful health-care initiatives in Sri Lanka - post-tsunami".
This, a typical compliment from the many professionals working within the sphere of humanitarian
assistance is an indication that the Trust has been 'on-track'.

The massive increase of admissions, new doctors, nurses and operations now taking place also
tells us that the effort was worth it. We don't even need to count - the result is that this once run
down hospital is now buzzing! Patients have renewed confidence and are using the hospital in
unprecedented numbers. Doctors are now keener to work at Tangalle due to the combined effort
of all groups involved and, the hospital is now a Type 'A' Base Hospital - a major step-up in

As we update this website, we are preparing picture-posters to be displayed at the hospital. We
will try to remind and educate staff and patients on the need to care for the hospital. We hope
that by exhibiting pictures taken throughout our project people will remember the massive task
and goodwill of the people who undertook it..

A key partner throughout the project has been the German - Klinikum Weiden. The Klinikum is
committed to a long-term project to provide medical know-how to the staff at Tangalle and in fact
has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Health Department to this effect. Our close
association with Klinikum personnel - in particular Nurse Lisa Kopf - has been  vitally important
for the Trust. We are happy in the knowledge that as we leave our daily job at the hospital the
Klinikum will maintain continuity of the Trusts input.

Administration Manager for the Trust - Franz Meyer, has now joined the Klinikum Weiden Team
to assist with issues of continuity. 'Carrying the baton' from the Trust to the Klinikum, Franz will
be a Project Co-coordinator working closely with Lisa Kopf and the hospital management. This
vital role is planned to ease the eventual 'hand-back' to local staff and, will help ensure good
practice is both maintained and enhanced. On behalf of the Trust we'd like to thank him for his
tireless effort, professionalism and dedication to this project and, wish him good luck with his new

Appart from the loose ends we can now return to normal life! Nonetheless, for continuity, a link
with the hospital is to be maintained through Nick Buckingham (Managing Trustee). Nick has
recently joined the Hospital Development Committee and will participate in the evolution of Base
Hospital Tangalle.

Audited Accounts for years 2005 and 2006 have been
posted on this web site. Accounts for 2007 are currently
being finalized by our Auditors D. A. Abeyawardene
Rubberwatta Road, Gangodawila, Nugegoda.

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