At the outset our mission was to:  

    ‘initially raise in excess of £50,000 through donations of money, and obtain equipment, supplies and services, for the equipping and basic
    refurbishment of Tangalle District Hospital - Sri Lanka, so that in future it would be a safer, cleaner environment, and be better prepared to
    provide medical services to all people living in, passing through, or taking holidays in the district’.

    The Objects of the Trust were to:

    a} fund the renovation, refurbishing and equipping of two surgical wards at the Tangalle District Hospital;

    b} fund the construction of new toilets and a kitchen at the said hospital;

    c} fund the installation of an incinerator at the said hospital;

    d} establish cleaning and good management programmes and practices at the said hospital and to establish training programmes for the
    staff of the hospital in this regard;

    e} carry out such renovations and repairs and procure and furnish such equipment and facilities as may be necessary.


    A Deed of Trust was signed and attested in Colombo on 25/O1/O5. Trustees: Nicholas Buckingham (Businessman), John Wilson Jnr.
    (Lawyer), Lalith Cooray (Chartered Accountant).

    Nick Buckingham - Managing Trustee/Settlor. All Trustees reside in Sri Lanka and donate their service to the Trust free of charge, as do all
    committee/ group members.

    A copy of the Deed of Trust is available for inspection. Please contact Nick Buckingham at btrtdhtrust@sltnet.lk

    There is a bank account in the name of the Trust (abbreviated to BTRTDH Trust held at the Hatton National Bank in Tangalle. Financial
    records and accounts are maintained and will be audited in line with statutory requirements. Audited accounts will be obtainable from  
    ‘Triple A’ (Lalith Cooray) of Colombo upon closure of Trust. Financial information is available upon written request throughout the project.

    The Trust operates in a transparent manner, disclosing information relating to works, fund-raising activities, future plans etc. Information is
    provided to relevant interested parties upon request, specifically donors of money, equipment and services. Donated funds are used to pay
    for; labour force, equipment, supplies, materials, installations and services only.

    In order that the work of the Trust could begin, Nick Buckingham donated £5,000 as per Deed of Trust and also underwrote a further         
    £45,000. In other words, if the Trust failed to raise this amount through fund-raising activities any shortfall would have been settled by him.

    Further project support by Nick Buckingham is provided through donation of staff time, equipment, materials, vehicles/fuel etc.


    For the purposes of fund-raising, networking, strategy etc, an informal and ‘fluid’ committee/group was set up, consisting of foreign
    nationals and Sri Lankans who predominantly reside in the Tangalle area. All members of this group donated their time FREE OF CHARGE
    on a task needs basis rather than a time specific. Meetings have been informal and as deemed necessary.

    Renovation works to The Tangalle District Hospital by the BTRTDH Trust commenced on 7th February 2OO5.


    The mission remained much the same with three notable exceptions:

    Received funds plus those pledged exceeded our initial cautious aim. This gave the Trust confidence to regularly revise the fund target. In
    the end we raised sufficient money to renovate virtually the entire hospital and purchase equipment unimagined!

    The Trust provided facilities that were either not planned or were otherwise unforeseen. For example the essential construction of a
    laundry. In some instances we were able to carry out renovation work to a higher than envisaged standard and increased estimated/
    budgeted expenditure accordingly. Examples; roof waterproofing and reconstruction, new wall/floor tiling throughout, construction of two
    new male and female toilets/bathrooms plus extensions to two wards (eliminating the need to have patients beds in corridors).

    Because of the Trusts work and that of other organisations, Tangalle District Hospital has now
    become a 'Type A'  Base Hospital.

    The overall value of this project exceeds US$1,000,000.   


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